Add a Popup Keyword Tooltip

Add a Popup Keyword Tooltip

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Keyword Tooltip

A Keyword Tooltip is a small box which pops up when the user holds their mouse cursor over a certain word.

Here’s how to add a Keyword Tooltip to the system.

  1. Go to the backend and click on the left menu item: TOOLTIPY > ADD
  2. In the TITLE, put in the keyword or phrase in lowercase only.
  3. Underneath is a field called synonyms. Add here all the synonyms for the keyword (including spelling variations, plurals, different tenses, etc.), each separated by a vertical bar. For example here are a few keywords and synonyms:
    photocopier: photocopiers|xerox
    strike: strikes|struck|striking
  4. In the main editor underneath, add the definition. This can contain pictures, links, etc but try to keep it brief.
  5. On the right, select one or more “families” (actually, categories) to add it to.
  6. And then Publish the page.

Style notes (added 12.5.18)

Make keyword in definition lowercase and bold.

Definition text should be black.

Example – in dark green (add HEX)

Make keyword in example bold, lowercase.

Don’t indent example.






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