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This is a full glossary/dictionary of useful words you will find on Big Business English.

  • reduce [ general-vocab ]

    If you reduce something it means you make it smaller.
    The noun of reduce is reduction.
    Allthwaite's Ltd have reduced their staff by 10% to cut costs.
    In Business English, the word reduce is often used in relation to prices:
    Krazy Karpets, the No.1 place for carpets, have got some MASSIVE reductions this summer. 75% off - we  can't be beaten on price!
  • repeat [ general-vocab ]

    If you repeat something it means you do it again.
    The noun of repeat is repetition.
    There was a lot of repetition in her presentation. She kept using the same expressions. It would have been better if she had used some different phrases and added more variety.
  • retail

    This is the business sector related to selling products to individual or private customers. Retail usually happens in shops or online.

    Lars has a lot of retail experience. He has worked in several large department stores.

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