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This is a full glossary/dictionary of useful words you will find on Big Business English.

  • packaging

    The word package can be a noun or a verb.
    A package or parcel is something that you give or send to someone.
    Raoul sent a package to Trueforth Shaw's London office.
    To package something means to wrap it up in material.
    Packaging means a box, bag or container that a product comes in.
    Consumers are influenced by the design, colour and quality of packaging when they buy a product.
  • paperwork

    The paperwork is the documentation for a  business transaction or project. It usually refers to the payment or contract. 

    If I you send me the paperwork for the redevelopment project I'll get Accounts to approve it and we can pay your invoice ASAP.

  • parcel [ business-vocab, general-vocab ]

    A parcel is a box or bag that you send to someone.

    You usually wrap a parcel in brown paper or plastic.

    Howard sent a parcel to the United States.

    You can also call this a package.

    Parcel is more common in British English , while package is more usual in American English.

  • pause [ general-vocab ]

    If you pause something it means you stop it temporarily.
    Ayesha paused the video and wrote down a summary of what the speaker had said.
    Pause can also be a noun.
    Some people were shouting in the street. There was a pause, then they started again.
  • petty [ general-vocab ]

    If something or someone is petty it means they are small or they think in a small way.

    Chris is so petty. He worries about things that aren't really important.

    Petty cash means a small amount of money usually kept in a box in an office. It used for making small cash payments, e.g. stationery, office supplies, tea and coffee, etc.

    Mike took ten  pounds of petty cash to pay the pizza delivery guy. Everyone was working late and there was no time to go out for dinner. 

  • plaster

    1. (noun) A plaster is a small strip of adhesive tape with an antiseptic dressing. You stick it onto your skin if you cut yourself.

    Sameera cut her finger on a knife, so she got a plaster from the first-aid box.

    2. (noun) A building material that you put on a wall to make it smooth.

    (verb) To plaster a wall means to put plaster on it to make it smooth. When you do this it's called plastering.

    Jeff plastered the walls of the bedroom before he painted it.




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