Dictionary Glossary

This is a full glossary/dictionary of useful words you will find on Big Business English.

  • make a killing [ business-idioms ]

    If you make a killing it means you make a lot of money.

    Some global hedge funds made a killing after Brexit.

  • marketing [ business-vocab ]

    Marketing is the activity of finding markets and customers for a product and selling it, using advertising and communication.

    The marketing department conducted research in order to understand what customers want.

  • mess [ business-vocab ]

    A mess means a disordered or chaotic situation.
    Manager: Why are all these boxes here? They should be in the storage room. Clear this mess up immediately!
    Worker: Yes, Sir! I'll do it immediately. I'm very sorry.
  • mouse cursor [ general-vocab ]

    two mouse cursors

    The mouse cursor (or just cursoris a small picture which tells you where the mouse is on your computer screen.

    If you move the mouse around on your mouse pad the cursor will follow its movements on your screen.

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