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This is a full glossary/dictionary of useful words you will find on Big Business English.

  • damage [ general-vocab ]

    Damage can be a noun and a verb 
    If you damage something it means you harm or break it.
    Damage is the harm you cause to something.
    The computer was damaged because someone had dropped it in the factory.
    The plural noun damages means compensation (money) paid by someone who has done something wrong to the person or company affected as a form of punishment. This is a legal term.
    Fly By Night Ltd were ordered by the court to pay £70,000 in damages to Mrs Treacle for their behaviour towards her.
  • decorate [ general-vocab ]

    If you decorate your house it means you paint the walls and put up wallpaper to make it look more attractive.

    Debbie decorated her living room with a Japanese theme.

  • department [ business-vocab ]

    A department is part or section of a company responsible for a particular function, e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Production, Sales, etc
    Fiona works in the Human Resources department at an energy company in Seattle.
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