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This is a full glossary/dictionary of useful words you will find on Big Business English.

  • CEO [ business-vocab ]

    The CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the boss! They are usually the top person in the company.

    CEO is an acronym.

    Harold Braithwaite, the CEO of Kellman Media Inc, told investors that it had been a good year for the company, but next year would be more difficult.

  • compliance [ business-vocab ]

    This is the function in company of making sure that its activities comply with (or follow) regulations and legal obligations.
    Mark works in the back office of an investment bank. His department is responsible for all compliance issues relating to buying and selling shares in companies.
  • concede [ business-vocab, general-vocab ]

    If you concede something it means you admit it is true.

    Hiroshi conceded that the company's Engineering division was underperforming and could improve.

    The noun of concede is concession.

    The management had to make concessions to the union to end the strike, which was damaging the company's profits.

    Note: in Business English a concession is a company that operates inside another company, e.g. a retail concession. This is basically a separate shop or counter inside a larger store.

    Clytemnestra Sharpe, the exclusive fashion and perfume label, has a concession inside the luxury department store Gilbert & Sons.


  • consume [ business-vocab ]

    If you consume something it means you use it and then there is less of it than before (or none).

    This machine consumes a lot of energy.

    The noun of consume is consumption.

    Domestic consumption fell last year because people are spending less money in the shops.

    A person who consumes something is a consumer.

    Consumers are looking for high quality and a low price.

  • courier [ business-vocab ]

    A courier is a person or a company that delivers parcels and documents. Courier services are operated by private companies.

    I called a courier to send an important document to a company.

  • customer [ business-vocab ]

    A customer is someone who buys something from a company.
    We talk to our customers regularly to find out exactly what they want.
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