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This is a full glossary/dictionary of useful words you will find on Big Business English.

  • accountant [ business-vocab ]

    An accountant is a financial professional who prepares the accounts for companies or individuals and gives advice about tax.

    If you need to solve a problem relating to tax, speak to your accountant.

  • acronym [ business-idioms ]

    An acronym is a group of letters used to represent a phrase. The letter stands in the acronym are the first letter of each word in the phrase.

    CTO Is an acronym that stands for Chief Technology Officer in a company.

  • actually [ general-vocab ]

    This means really or in fact.
    Actually is often used as a filler expression in English when you are contradicting or correcting someone.
    Stephanie's a good manager. Actually, she's a great manager!
  • allow [ general-vocab ]

    Allow means to let something happen or not stop it from happening.

    Boss: I won't allow people in this company to sit back and relax. Everyone has to work hard - or they can leave!

    You can also use the word allowed to mean permitted, i.e. it's OK to do something:

    You are only permitted to take one suitcase or bag on this aeroplane.



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