Dictionary Glossary

This is a full glossary/dictionary of useful words you will find on Big Business English.

  • acronym [ business-idioms ]

    An acronym is a group of letters used to represent a phrase. The letter stands in the acronym are the first letter of each word in the phrase.

    CTO Is an acronym that stands for Chief Technology Officer in a company.

  • brands [ business-idioms ]

    A brand is a distinctive identity of a product that makes it different from other brands. A brand can also represent a certain idea or set of values.

    The Trueforth Shaw brand is recognised and respected around the world.

    To brand is the verb. The past participle branded is often used as an adjective:

    Jed Thorogood, the sports and fashion label, sell a range of luxury branded items, including sportswear, toiletries and exclusive gifts. 

  • glance [ business-idioms, business-vocab ]

    The word glance means to look at something quickly. It can be both a noun and a verb.
    Sophia glanced at her watch during the meeting.
    The expression at first glance means when you look at something for the first time, or your initial impression.
    At first glance, this looked like a good investment opportunity, but in fact there were some problems with the comp.
  • make a killing [ business-idioms ]

    If you make a killing it means you make a lot of money.

    Some global hedge funds made a killing after Brexit.

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