Meeting new business contacts (introduction)

Nice to meet you!

By Robert Dennis, Big Business English

What are the best things to do when you meet a new person? I will help you to understand these.

70% of human communication is visual, not verbal. So, it’s important to have a good appearance. Smile. Look at the other person when you speak. Shake hands. Do not stand too close. Remember, British and American people usually stand further away than people from Southern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

There are different ways to say hello. You can say Hello! (normal), Hi! (friendly) or How do you do? (formal and British)

Be careful! How do you do? is not a real question.

Respond to How do you do? with  How do you do?

Mary Baxter: How do you do?
Raj Agarwal: How do you do?

The answer to “How are you?” is “I’m fine, thanks”. Use this if you already know the other person. 

John Lee: How are you?

Ahmed Khan: Fine, thanks, John. How are you?

John Lee: OK, thanks.

When you meet someone you can also say:

It’s nice / good / great to meet you!

I’m pleased / delighted to meet you!

It’s a real pleasure to meet you!

Say your name, job title and company

Sven Olsson: How do you do? I’m Sven Olsson.

Claude Dubois: Oh, how do you do? I’m Claude Dubois. Delighted to meet you!

Sven Olsson: It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Claude.

Say your job title and the name of your company. 

Karen Smedley: Hi! I’m Karen Smedley from Consolidated Universal plc.

Rohit Singh: Hi, Karen! Rohit Singh, General Manager at MHW Chemicals. Nice to meet you.

Karen Smedley: Great to meet you, too, Rohit!

Now you can meet someone in English! 

STUDY TIP: Read this article and say the words. Practise with a friend. Learn the most important words and phrases. Use them.


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