WhatsApp conversation between colleagues (recent email)

In this WhatsApp conversation, Colm O’Connor of WorldTech solutions chats with his colleague, Grant Prentice, about an email that he sent. Grant has been busy, so he hasn’t replied to the email yet, but in this conversation they discuss the main points of the original message.

You can read Colm’s original email here.

Note that in a WhatsApp chat (and messaging in general) people use more informal language (sometimes very informal – including slang). There are also mistakes and corrections when people are writing on their phones, especially due to predictive text (Autocorrect, T9, etc).

The subject matter (or content) of the conversation is also more informal and personal. In this case, Grant is at a party when he receives the message. He includes some details about his personal life (and the fact that his wife / partner isn’t happy about his work intruding on his personal life).

Both men use emojis in their messages, as well as acronyms and abbreviations. These include using initials to refer to companies (and people) they both know.

Read the conversation (which was created specially for BigBusinessEnglish.com – it’s not real!) Look carefully at the idiomatic expressions and informal terms used.

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