Water cooler conversations: introduction

A drink of water and a chat with colleagues…
The water cooler in a corporate office environment is an important informal meeting place. It’s where workers can chat, share ideas and experiences and simply find out information about their company and colleagues that they might not otherwise discover.  
Here are some typical phrases you might hear when talking to people in English standing round the water cooler at work on Monday morning :
So, how was your weekend?
Good weekend?
Did you do anything good at the weekend? 
Yes, great weekend, thanks.  I went to Cornwall with the family ( = my family) and spent two days visiting some interesting villages and relaxing by the sea. What about you?
– Oh, I was pretty busy ( = quite busy) this weekend. I’m decorating the house at the moment. I painted the kitchen and the living room, then I started plastering the walls of the spare bedroom. It’s going to be my home office.

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