Water cooler conversation: Talking about a TV programme

Another informal chat around the water cooler! Everyone likes to discuss what they’ve been watching on TV recently, don’t they? Read the conversation and check out the language notes…

Barry: Have you seen LOST?
Moira: No, what’s that?
Barry: It’s a TV show /series about a group of plane crash survivors on a desert island.
Moira: Really?
Barry: Yes. It’s quite a mysterious island. There’s some sort of monster living in the jungle and weird things keep happening.
Moira: Like what?
Barry: Well, to start with, someone’s nearly killed by a polar bear in the jungle.
Moira: A polar bear? In the jungle?
Barry: I know, crazy, isn’t it? And then some of the survivors start seeing dead people that they know walking around the island.
Moira: Bizarre.
Barry: Also, the survivors gradually realise they’re not the only people on the island. There seems to be another group of people already there – and they’re not very friendly. And there was also some weird religious cult that seems to have built a whole system of bunkers and mysterious buildings all over the island in the 1970s.
Moira: My God – it sounds really strange!
Barry: It is. It’s not really like other TV shows. It just gets more and more odd. But it’s also addictive. Once you start watching it you won’t be able to stop.

Language notes
weird = very strange / bizarre (e.g. That guy’s really weird!)
cult = secretive / extreme religious organisation
odd = strange

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