Water cooler conversation: evening activities

A glass of water and a chat

Tony: So, what are you doing tonight?
Margot: I’ve got a step class.
Tony: Where’s that? At the gym?
Margot: Yeah, that’s right. What about you?
Tony: There’s a parent teacher evening at my daughter’s school.
Margot: Oh, how old is she?
Tony: She’s fourteen.
Margot: How’s she getting on?
Tony: Yeah, OK, overall, but she’s falling behind a bit in maths.
Margot: Hm, don’t talk to me about maths! That was my worst subject at school.
Tony: Well, maths isn’t really my thing, either. I’ve tried helping her with her homework, but I can’t really understand what they’re teaching kids these days. Everything’s changed from my day.
Margot: I know! I used to hate algebra.
Tony: So, anyway, getting back to your class, what do you do exactly?
Margot: Well, it’s basically aerobics, but you have a small step you have to get on and off.
Tony: Oh, I see.
Margot: And you also use weights.
Tony: Sounds pretty tough.
Margot: It’s a good workout. I usually have a Turkish bath afterwards. It’s really relaxing.
Tony: Well, it sounds like you’re going to have a better time than me this evening.
Margot: Yeah, I probably am.

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