The Present Simple tense: Sara’s Day

Watch the video of Sara’s Day. She does the same things every day: she wakes up, goes to work and has lunch. Then she goes home and cooks dinner.

How to form the Present Simple

This is the Present Simple of the verb work:

I work
You work
He / She / It works
We work
They work

The Present Simple is the same as the infinitive (without “to”). This is the form of the word you will find in a dictionary.

Present Simple: 3rd person singular

Be careful! The third person singular form of the Present Simple is different. The 3rd person singular is he / she / it.

Here, we add an -s to the verb:

Sara works all day.
She cooks dinner.

Using the Present Simple

We use the Present Simple tense for things we do every day: repeated actions and habits.

These are the things that Sara does every day:

She wakes up early every day.
She gets up.
She has a shower.
She brushes her teeth.
She gets dressed.
She goes to the kitchen.
She has a cup of coffee.
She leaves home and walks to the station.
She waits for the train and looks at her phone.
She talks on the phone.
She writes emails.
She has meetings.
She has lunch in a café.
Sara works all day.
She finishes work and goes home.
She cooks dinner.
She watches television.
She goes to bed.
She sleeps.
She dreams.

We also use the Present Simple for things that are always true (permanent states):

Sara works for a big company.
She really likes Facebook.

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