Test: Filler expressions in English

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Filler expressions are words and phrases that can make your English sound more natural.

Before you take the test, why not have a look at this Big Business English article on using filler expressions?

Are you ready? Good luck!


Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence:

1. Filler expressions show the person you’re speaking to that you haven’t                           what you’re saying.

a. ended
b. finished
c. finalised

2. Native speakers use filler expressions because they are                         about what they’re going to say next.

a. thinking
b. guessing
c. knowing

3. The most important types of filler expression are used for

a. stopping
b. slowing
c. hesitating

4. I’m going to Manchester for the conference on,                         … the 17th. It’s a Wednesday.

a. ah
b. er
c. oh

5. Why did you tell Samantha we don’t need her on the project?

                        … Look, it’s not easy working with Samantha.

a. Hmm
b. Ha-ha
c. Aha

 6                       , I’m going to the bank. I’ll see you this afternoon.

a. Good
b. Well
c. Great

 7.                        , listen, it’s been great talking to you.

a. Such
b. See
c. So

8. Abdul lives in Leeds, doesn’t he?

– Er, he lives in Wakefield,                        .

a. really
b. basically
c. actually

9. Alan: Look, I’m not really happy with the way you’re managing this project.

Stacey: Well, I’m sorry about that, but                        , I don’t care because it’s my project, not yours.

a. basically
b. fundamentally
c. simply

10.                        , Gareth wants to come round at 5 o’clock. Let’s talk about it with him when he gets here.

a. See
b. Watch
c. Look

11.                        , why don’t you tell Vanessa we’re going to scrap this plan and come up with a new one.

a. Hear
b. Listen
c. Know

 12.                        , there’s no reason why we couldn’t expand into the frozen yoghurt sector.

a. According to me
b. According to my opinion
c. In my opinion

13.                         Kailan’s right. We need to approach this deal very carefully.

a. I’m thinking that
b. I think that
c. My thought is that

14. Tanya is,                        , a great person to have on the team.

a. you know
b. do you know
c. you mean

 15.                        , Roger wants to succeed, but he really needs to help himself.  

a. Meaning
b. I mean
c. I am meaning

16. So she was,                        , “What are you going to do?”

a. same
b. as
c. like

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