Talking about your job

Meet other people and talk about your job!

[1000_Word]When you meet someone time for the first time you need to be able to talk about yourself and also find out about the person you are speaking to.

First of all, you can mention your job title or profession, e.g

I’m a marketing manager.

I’m an accountant.

I’m the Head of Human Resources.

I’m a Systems Analyst.

You can also talk about the type of work you do or the sector you work in:

I work in finance.

I work in the entertainment industry.

I’m in retail.

You can also talk in more detail about the things you do in your job. Here, you can use words like “deal with”, “be involved in” and “handle”, etc.

I deal with customer enquiries and complaints.

I’m involved in designing and manufacturing technical equipment.

I handle all our business with China and the Asia Pacific region.

To find out what the other person does, say:

What do you do?

Note here that “What do you do?” uses the Present Simple for of the verb “do”. The reply to this question usually uses the verb “to be”:

What do you do?

I’m an architect.

If you say to someone “What are you doing?” it means what are you doing NOW?

What are you doing?

I’m going to get a coffee.

You can also talk about the people you work with, e.g. you might work in a team, a unit or a department inside a company:

I work with the Business Development team at Baxter’s Ltd.

I’m part of a team that’s responsible for researching new markets.

To talk about your position or level of seniority in the team or company, you can use:

I’m a Junior Account Executive.

I’m a supervisor.

I manage the Compliance team.

I’m in charge of the Production Unit.

I’m the General Manager.

I’m the CEO of London Technologies plc.



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