Office conversation: sending a parcel

Feng Mian is talking to Karim at work.

Feng Mian: Look, I have to send this parcel to WorldTech Solutions by tomorrow morning. What do you think’s the best way to send it?
Karim: What is it?
Feng Mian: It’s some samples of our corporate merchandising – there’s a baseball cap, a USB stick and some mugs.
Karim: What time’s it got to be there?
Feng Mian: Well, ideally, by about 10 o’clock.
Karim: Hm, well you could send it by post using the overnight service. They’ve got guaranteed delivery by 9 am next day.
Feng Mian: Yeah, I could do that, but then it’ll take ages going to the post office – and I’m really busy.
Karim: Well, given that it’s urgent, you might as well send it by courier. We’ve got an account with them.
Feng Mian: Right, how does that work?
Karim: The courier usually comes at five o’clock to pick up parcels from the reception. You can just leave it with Abbie. She’ll make sure the courier guy gets it.
Feng Mian: Are you sure they’ll deliver it tomorrow morning?
Karim: You should probably check with Abbie. It needs to be in an express service pouch. She’s got all the labels at the reception desk.
Feng Mian: OK, I think that sounds like the best option.
Karim: It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it.
Feng Mian: Yes, WorldTech is a really important client. We’re hoping they’ll place a big order for branded gifts for their next conference.
Karim: Sounds great! Have a word with Abbie.
Feng Mian: OK, will do.

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