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    Ok, I’ll start! My name is Robert Dennis and I am a business English teacher with more than 30 years experience of helping professionals in the UK and Italy to learn to speak and use English effectively. I love teaching and I have met so many great people through my work. is a new venture that I’m really excited about! I want to bring my insights and resources about business English to a global audience. I also want to create a dynamic network of professionals on this site, where people can share ideas and tips about learning the language – and also develop useful contacts through our networking opportunities.

    If you’ve got a question or comment about learning and using English in your work, please share it in this forum. Let’s start some great discussions and help each other to develop our professional skills.

    I’m really excited about and I look forward to interacting with all our members here in the Forum.

    OK, that’s me. What about you! Tell us who you are and why you’re learning Business English.

    Don’t worry about making mistakes! Mistakes are good! If you never make a mistake, you can’t improve. 😉


    I am so pleased to be here, Robert and thank you for inviting me to be one of the first!

    I run a small school in Greece where we teach English. And we have many business people there who I try to help. I think I speak good enough English but I can always improve myself! 🙂


    I am Aris. I am a accountant from Greece. I am learning English for many years now and I want more clients from other countries. I have my wife and two kids. My daughter has 3 months so I do not sleep so much these days!!!


    Hi Aris!

    Welcome to!

    I’m glad you want to improve your English.

    Sorry you’re not sleeping much. Unfortunately, if you want to sleep, this is the wrong place! 😉

    Can I give you a few language tips?

    You said: I’m learning English for many years now.

    It would be better to say:

    I’ve been learning English…

    This is the Present Perfect Continuous tense. We use this tense to talk about actions that started in the past and continue up to the present. When we use the continuous form of the Present Perfect the important thing is that the action continues over time.

    One more little point: when you say “for many years” it sounds a little bit strange to a native English speaker. It’s not wrong! But we would probably say:

    For years

    Or: For quite a few years.

    In English, we normally only use the word “many” in questions and negatives:

    How many years are there in a decade?

    Not many years ago…

    I hope you find that useful!

    Thanks for your comments on the Forum. Please feel free to ask a question any time!

    Enjoy the rest of!


    P.S. Hope you have a good rest soon! 😉





    Two more tiny points, if you don’t mind!

    You should say: I’m an accountant.

    Use “an” before nouns that start with a vowel or a vowel sound (note that some words, such as “university” begin with a vowel but have a consonant sound).

    Also, you said: My daughter has three months.

    Say: My daughter IS three months old.





    Hi !

    My name is Maurizio and I am italian. I live in a city in northern Italy, not far from Venice.

    About my job: I am a civil law notary.

    Several years ago I used to attend a school of english but then I gave up, so I lost many of my skills.

    I want to start studing english again because that is useful for my job (I think for every one).

    In fact sometimes I have to translate english documents coming from other countries (mainly “power of attorney”), or foreigner english speaking clients come to my office, but my knowledge of the language is not adequate. So I am not satisfied.

    That is the reason I am here.

    I hope to improve.

    Bye !




    Hi Maurizio!

    Thanks for joining Big Business English! I hope you find it useful.

    Please ask any questions about business or legal English and I will answer them here in the Forum.

    Take care,

    Robert 🙂

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