Emails: Writing a complaint to a travel company

Read this email from a dissatisfied customer complaining about a holiday he booked with Fly By Night Tours, a travel company…

Re: Problems with Scottish Highlands holiday

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the holiday I booked with your company on May 24th. This holiday was advertised in your brochure as “a delightful summer break in the Scottish Highlands” and should have included transfers from the airport, accommodation and full board.

I am very sorry to say that your company failed to provide the services stated in your brochure. Firstly, when my wife and I arrived at the airport expecting to find a car waiting for us, we were informed that we would have to take a bus to the hotel. The hotel itself had three stars and was not the four-star accommodation mentioned in the brochure. There were several problems with our room, including a faulty shower and we were next to a busy main road, which kept us awake all night. Additionally, we were required to pay for dinner, since the hotel management insisted we were only entitled to half board, not full board as stated in your brochure.

I tried to contact your office several times and succeeded once in talking to a secretary, who said she would pass on my concerns, but no-one from your company contacted us.

I am extremely disappointed not only with the quality of the holiday, which fell far below the standard we expected from your company, but also the very poor customer service you offer.

Consequently, I believe that I am entitled to an apology at the very least and also a refund for the additional costs I have incurred. Please find attached a summary of the expenses I was forced to bear, along with receipts for the bus from the airport and the hotel for the meals that should have been included.
I very much hope that you will respond to my concerns quickly with a full explanation and compensation for the additional costs, as detailed in the attached Word document.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Trevor Wendell

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