Adebowale’s Day

A typical day in the life of Adebowale
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Adebowale usually wakes up around seven o’clock. He gets up and goes downstairs to have breakfast. He normally has a slice of toast and a glass of orange juice. He listens to the radio while he gets dressed and leaves the house by around 7:30.
He catches the train to the city. It takes about 40 minutes. Sometimes he gets a seat on the train, but quite often he stands. He reads a free newspaper on the train or checks his messages on his phone.
Adebowale walks from the station to his office. He usually goes to a café nearby before he goes to the office. He likes to have a cup of coffee, either a flat white or a latte, and read Facebook posts from his friends. Sometimes he has a chat with someone from the office if they’re in the café.
He usually goes to the office at about a quarter to nine. He says hello to Katja, the receptionist, and takes the lift to the third floor. Adebowale works in an open plan office. He has a desk near the window. He plugs in his PC and either gets a bottle of mineral water from the vending machine or goes to the water cooler. On Monday mornings there are usually two or three people in this area, having a chat about what they did at the weekend.
Adebowale goes back to his desk and checks his email. He makes a few phone calls and arranges meetings. He normally writes several emails replying to clients. Sometimes he reads a report or a memo.
There’s usually a team meeting around 9:30. Adebowale is the team leader. The meeting takes place in a small meeting room which looks out across the main office. There are six people in Adebowale’s team. They each make a short progress report and discuss any problems they have. Quite often they talk about football at the end of the meeting, which usually lasts for about twenty minutes.
Most mornings Adebowale has several other meetings. Sometimes he goes out to see clients. He often has a meeting with his manager, Seema. Sometimes they go for a coffee together and talk.
Adebowale usually has lunch at about one o’clock. He either goes to the café or to a sandwich shop near the office. In the summer he likes to have lunch in the park. Sometimes he’s very busy, so he takes his sandwich back to the office and eats at his desk.
After lunch, he has more meetings, writes more emails and makes more phone calls. He works until about six o’clock and then he gets the train home. Sometimes he goes to the pub with a few of his colleagues from the office. He gets home at about a quarter to eight and cooks dinner. Usually his girlfriend, Caroline, comes round or he goes to her flat. They watch TV or go out to the pub. Sometimes he stays at Caroline’s place. During the week he normally goes to bed at around midnight or one o’clock. Before sleeping he checks his messages and appointments for the following day. He usually reads some Facebook posts and sets the alarm app on his phone for the following morning.
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